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Does the idea of organizing and cleaning your home seem like an impossible dream? Homeschooling mother of six Tami Fox shares how she uses routines in her home to make it a haven for her family. She’s taught her children these routines, so they’ll be able to take their wings and fly into life as prepared adults. She shares positive methods for organizing and cleaning. Tami wants to help you give your children wings, so they can FLY, too!

Marla Cilley, The FlyLady –
Tami has taken FLYing to a new level! Not only has she educated her six children well and eliminated CHAOS, she has not lost herself in the process.”
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Growing up most of us heard a common phrase when we helped around the house. “Do it right the first time, or don’t do it at all.” This one phrase has frozen many of us into inaction. We don’t want to start cleaning because it might not measure up to an unrealistic expectation. I want to tell you to not sweat the small stuff. If you have problems getting motivated to clean your house because you don’t have time or energy or want to do it perfect, I want you to tell yourself, “Good enough is good enough.” By this I mean, if you do a quick dust of your house, that it is good enough. You don’t have to move every single thing to dust every week. Dust around your decorative items. If you have clutter on the flat surfaces, spend five minutes throwing stuff out and putting stuff away, and then dust quickly. Once a month, you can do a detail dusting and move the decorative items around. What you will find is that you are not going to have as much dust to deal with because you did a quick dust. By quick dust, I mean that your dusting should take from 2 minutes to 10 minutes for the whole house. Move quickly from room to room. Dusting is a neglected household task in most houses. If you have indoor pets, you might have to quick dust more than once a week depending on how much they shed.

You can use this same philosophy with vacuuming the house and sweeping. Hit the high traffic areas once a week. We sweep the high traffic areas daily. Once a month, do a detailed vacuuming job. That’s when you move furniture and get underneath your furniture. Once a week, do a quick mop unless you have small children. Then you might need to do a quick mop daily, if they are in the floor a lot. I have laminate flooring — a lot of it. I can quick mop 1,000 square feet in 9 minutes. I rinse and squeeze out my mop several times during that 9 minutes. I just move quickly and try not to get too much water on my floor. Get a good mop and mop bucket.

You can also make your bed quickly in the morning and just be done with it. You don’t need hospital corners and a stack of decorative pillows put out. Get up. Straighten your side of the bed. Fluff your pillow. Do the same on the other side, unless someone else is sleeping there! I do this on auto-pilot every morning before I do anything else. It makes you feel good when you walk into your bedroom and see your bed made.

How about the bathroom? You can do a daily wipe down of the shower/tub, sinks and counter, and clean the toilet in less than 2 minutes. I have timed myself. I do this every single morning after my shower. That means no more deep cleaning my bathroom. I spend 14 minutes per week maintaining my bathroom. If I can do it, I know you can do it. It’s really about retraining your routine to do this right after your shower or bath. It does not have to be perfect. Good enough is good enough. Once a month, you can detail clean the bathroom if it needs it. This is so easy that children can do it, too.

Everything I have talked about above boils down to setting up routines and not trying to do them perfectly. The goal is to just do them, so there is time to have fun and enjoy life! Once you get into these habits, you can do them in minutes a day or in a minutes each week. It’s all in your perspective. Banish those negative thoughts.

Tami Fox is an author from North Carolina. She and her husband have six children who range in age from 25 down to 9. She has taught her children how to take care of their rooms and help take care of their home, so they are ready to take care of their own homes when they move out. She wrote the book, Giving Your Children Wings, to help you with ideas on how to teach your children, so they are ready to FLY into adulthood. You can learn more about Tami and her book at

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