Protecting Your Family’s Safety and Your Bank Account

You have been trained since you were old enough to walk about safety. Memorizing fire drills, repeatedly being told to not talk to strangers and always lock the door if you are the last one to leave the house. But is this enough? How can you take every precautionary measure to make sure your valuables […]

Eight Tips to Consolidate Bills and Save More Monthly

When you are looking to save money on your monthly bills, it might seem like daunting task at first. Not only do you have to keep track of payments and due dates, but you also need to accommodate your basic living needs on top of those bills. For most, that is the biggest challenge–finding a […]

Guest Post By The Author of Light Bulb Baking Book

Every Easy-Bake Oven comes equipped with several “just-add-water” mixes that make it easy for young bakers to learn the fundamentals of baking popular items such as cakes, cookies, and fudge. Refill mixes have also always been available and sold separately from the oven. Over the past 50 years, these bake sets have proven to be […]

5 Reasons Your Savings Account Is Useless

I received this guest post via email today and thought I would share. If you have a checking and standard savings account you might think you’re doing pretty well and are being smart and diverse with your money. On the other side of that equation is the tiny interest rate a basic savings account offers […]

A Little Bit of Couponing

Here is a guest post I found in my email today and thought I would share it with you. Enjoy! A Little Bit Of Couponing After making the decision to buy the car, I decided to ease my guilt a little bit by saving money in other places. I decided after all to use coupons […]

Recipe For Mimosa Cupcakes

Kick ladies’ night up a notch with Mimosa Cupcakes! A standard mimosa drink is made by mixing equal parts of orange juice and sparkling wine, or champagne. It is great to enjoy during bridal showers, weddings, or can even be used as a “hair of the dog” hangover cure. Inspired by the drink, these cupcakes […]

Guest Post: “The Light Tamer”

An interview with the Author of "The Light Tamer", Devyn Dawson. Q. The Light Tamer has a touch of mythology in it, why did you decide to write about Fate? A. I think the story about the three Fates is interesting and not really written about in YA books. People are quick to say ‘fate […]

Guest Post: Buying a House is so Difficult

Contribution by Prince Raymond There are few things harder to deal with in life than buying a new home. There are the realtor fees, the closing costs, and all the crazy tax implications to boot. Thank goodness my dad was an attorney and knew a lot about real estate and how to buy a house […]

Makobi Scribe: Guest Post Invitation

I recently accepted an invitation to write a guest post for Jennifer at Makobi Scribe. The topics available were couponing, surviving economic hardship, and blogging tutorials or tips. I somewhat combined the first two in my post. Would you like to read “Saving Money with Matter of Cents ~ Her Story“? Click here to head to Jennifer’s blog. I would love to […]

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