There are several sites you can visit to earn free prizes or sign up for free samples. Here, I will list the ones I use most often. If you would like to read a brief summary of each rewards program, click here. Otherwise, to sign up for any of them, you can click on the link for the program you are interested in.

Swag Bucks — Read detailed Blog Post

Ebates — Read detailed Blog Post

Pampers — Read detailed Blog Post

MyPoints — Blog Post Coming Soon!

Huggies — Blog Post Coming Soon!

Disney — Blog Post Coming Soon!

RecycleBank — Blog Post Coming Soon!

MyCoke Rewards — Blog Post Coming Soon!

All You Free Samples — These are really good and a new one is offered DAILY. You can even backtrack to past freebies and sign up to get those too.

Walmart Free Samples — These go FAST, so bookmark their page and check back often. I also Share these on Facebook when I notice them.

Target Free Samples — Bookmark their page for future reference too.

House Party — Register an account and apply to host parties sponsored by big name products/companies. If selected, you will receive a party pack completely FREE with several supplies for your gathering. All they ask in return is your honest feedback in a survey and, if you are able to, upload photos and/or video of the event

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