Our First Year: An Elf On The Shelf Christmas Tradition

I first heard about the Elf On The Shelf Christmas tradition a couple of years ago. I was immediately intrigued and thought having an Elf around to “watch” the kids and report back to Santa sounded fun. As much as I wanted one, I decided to wait until I could learn more about it and […]

How To BBQ for 533 Kids According To DELIVERY MAN {Infographic}

Did you see the exciting news?! On July 2nd, Matter of Cents was one of 533 family blogs to post the brand new movie trailer for DELIVERY MAN!!!  Just in case you missed it, click here to view the trailer and read what "family" means to me. You will also see how you can connect with DELIVERY MAN […]


On July 16th, Mill Creek is releasing LIBERTY'S KIDS: THE COMPLETE SERIES on DVD!! This series makes history exciting and fun. Currently airing on CBS, the DVD set is packed with incredible voice talent including – Whoopi Goldberg, Walter Cronkite, Kathleen Barr, Billy Crystal, Michael Douglas, Warren Buffett, Liam Neeson and more!! Please check out the trailer below! Travel […]

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